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Aromatherapy Inhalers are great for on the go personal use. To Use, place inhaler under one nostril while closing the other. Inhale deeply through the open nostril. Repeat for other side. Use as needed for support.


Our inhalers last on average 3 months. It truly depends on usage and storage. Please keep out of extreme temperatures. Screw cap on tightly when not in use.



Deep Breathe This blend of essential oils may help with seasonal sniffles.


Sweet Tooth blend of essential oils may help reduce cravings for sweets.


Put It Down is thought to support you on your journey without nicotine.


Motion Ease may lessen the sympotms of constant motion.


Pick Me Up 





Aromatherapy Inhalers

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  • Eucalyptus Globulus may be great for respiratory and sinus infections, decongestant, soothe sore muscles


    Lemon may help to loosen mucos while also promoting mental clarity.


    Peppermint is thought to reduce symptoms of respiratory infections, viral infections, and headaches


    Rosemary may give relief to congestion and aid in respiratory allergies, colds, sore throat and the flu. It also may help with mental fatigue boosting mential activity.