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Hyland's teething tablets, Anbesol, and Orajel recall got you wondering how to relieve baby's teething pain? Benzocaine found in common over the counter medicine greatly reduces the amount of oxygen carried throughout the body. It is potentially life-threatening. 


This harsh chemical free alternative may help with gum pain and swelling due to incoming teeth. Rub this blend along little ones jawline and cheeks. You could also rub this diluted essential oil blend directly on the gums if you are comfortable with doing so. 

Teething Support

  • Coconut Oil is a great base oil for this teething support due to the natural anti-inflammatory properties. 


    Clove has been used for teeting pain for centuries. Not recommemded for little ones under 2. Clove is a moderate risk for skin sensitizer, mucus membrane irritant and may prevent blood from forming clots.


    Copiaba may be a powerful anti-inflammatory


    Orange is tasty, possible relaxant


    Theives blend of essential oils was formulated from the combination of herbs thieves used to steal from those who died from the bubonic plague